Friday, September 23, 2005

Thank You Gift...

I need help again with suggestions. I have come up against and wall and just can’t think of any new ideas.

I will be doing a home stay in Katsuyama. I will stay overnight with a host family and experience day to day life in Japan. I am very excited about this (and a little nervous, since they might not speak English!), but I am having trouble with a gift for them. We are to bring some small items to thank them for their hospitality. So far I have a Tribe tee-shirt (go Tribe!) and some candy from Malley’s Chocolates. What else should I bring? What would make a good gift? I would really like one more main gift to bring to them.

Any ideas? Any suggestions? Help!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I Heart Sushi....

I went out the other night to Sushi Rock with some of my friends to practice my chopstick skils (which aren't too shabby!). We ordered mass amounts of sushi and ate it all! They bring it out on a big marble stone and everyone just eats what they want.

It was sooo good! My favorite was the spicy tuna rolls and the yellow tail rolls. I can't wait for sushi in Japan!

Are there any sushi fans out there? I remember I talked to my students about sushi last year and everyone was grossed out. Maybe I should bring some in for everyone to sample! What do you all think!

My friend, Beth, and I eating sushi at Sushi Rock. Yum! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 19, 2005

So many little suitcase space...

While I was buying my shoes yesterday, I stopped at Borders.

I think one of my biggest dilemmas is the fact that I have a limited amount of space, but I need three weeks of reading. Students, I know you are gasping at this point! What is one to do when they can’t pack a lot of books! Ha! So I searched high and low and cannot find some really long books that look good. When I was in Costa Rica, I had the worse time finding books since the majority of them were in Spanish. I did talk to another teacher and we have agreed to share what we bring, but I still need to find some good ones.

I need your help! Does any one have any good recommendations?

So far I am going to bring Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace (one of Mrs. Trentanelli’s favorites) and Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult (my favorite author! I have already read it, but it’s been at least two years so I think it’ll do).

I need more recommendations…please help! Does anyone out there have some good book ideas that will last me more then a few days????

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sparkly Slippers...

In Japan when you go inside a building, it is proper etiquette to remove your shoes and place a pair of slippers on. The principle of this is not to contaminate clean interiors with dirt from the outside. You have to be careful not to rest a foot on the indoor floor without the slipper on! A lot of the restaurants, stores and buildings expect you to take your shoes off. They have little cubby holes that are set up outside the door. Some of the bathrooms even expect you to take your shoes off! They have special slippers that you slip on. Hmm…interesting!

I was advised to bring a pair of slippers with me. Those in Japan have little shoe sizes and it is hard to find larger pairs of slippers. Those going on the trip have been talking about slippers and where to get them. Many people are getting basic pairs from Dillards or Kaufman’s. I thought I would jazz things up and found the perfect pair! I got a sparkly beaded pair that I love. After all, why can’t your slippers be functional and cute!!?? I will not be able to wear them anywhere but indoors, as to not get them dirty. They will fit perfectly into the bag that Alicia Johnson (one of my old students and a great artist!) is making me for the trip. As soon as she makes the bag, I will post it up here.