Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Tickets....Finally!

Finally…the tickets are here! I was starting to worry, because I had not received my plane tickets and a lot of other people had. However, when I arrived home on Friday they were there! The good news is that I am flying out of Cleveland, but the bad news is that the flights are long! Ha!

I fly out bright and early Sunday morning with a layover in Chicago, and then I fly onward to San Francisco. I arrive at 12:45 and we start meetings at 2:00. I am going to have a long day! We have a banquet at seven that sounds like fun, and then my friend Nick and I plan to explore the city of San Francisco a little bit.

We leave in two groups on Monday for Japan. I have the early flight, which will give me more time in Japan! The flight is ten hours long (whoa!). I fly from Tokyo to Chicago on the way home, which will be an even longer trip. I’m hoping for an aisle seat!


Anonymous jen gross said...

somehow i have a funny feeling you *will* have an aisle seat ... but i wonder why??

- jen :)

PS don't forget your ipod charger!!

PPS ... you're famous! my mom liked the "snapshot" too

10:31 PM  

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