Monday, October 17, 2005

Shop Till You Drop...Japanese Style

Where else would one eat in Japan but TGI Fridays??? Ha!

Amy getting her new haircut in Ginza (while I do more shopping!)...

This is the pizza place we were eating at when the earthquake hit!

Well,well, well...

This weekend I did more shopping then I have done in a looooong time. While other groups were out site seeing and visiting shrines\mesuems, I was shopping! My friend, Amy, and I hit all the major districts. However, Ginza was by far our favorite. So much so that we went on Saturday and Sunday! Ginza is like Beacon Street in Boston or Fifth Ave. in New York. Nothing but ritzy ritzy shops. We went into stores such as Louis Vuitton, Mikimoto (pearls, which are huge here) and Tiffany`s (where I might have bought something...ha! Something I could not afford...but, hey, when else are you in Tokyo!? Ask me to show you all when I return!).

Not only did we shop, but Amy got her haircut! What an adventure! I wanted to get my nails done but it cost 130 dollars for a manicure! I could not believe it. I wonder what the heck they do to your nails! Every place we went to was that much. It was crazy!

I have to admit that we also found a TGI Friday`s and ate at it! Ha! So much for always eating Japanese food! We needed a break. We did really really well on the subway and could find our way around after a short while (well, maybe there were some detours!)

The best part (or scariest) of the weekend was when we had an earthquake! It registered 5.1 on the scale! We were eating pizza (which was a good thing...if I was going to die, at least I was eating the food I love!). The resturant started to shake and all the glasses clattered. I thought it felt like you were on a raft in a swimming pool and someone started to make waves. The whole ground just started to move. I was about to dive under the table! I saw my life flash before me! ha! Everyone gasp but then when it was over, they just went back to eating like it was nothing. Amy and I took about an hour to recover. What an experience!

After a busy weekend, I will be heading to the prefecture Katsuyama tomorrow with 19 other teachers. We are taking a plane. A prefecture would be like a state in the U.S. We will be visiting schools there. I hope there are no more earthquakes! :)


Anonymous Tara said...

Miss Alpine, i am in class right now and i hate mrs. braler or w.e she wont tell me how to spell her name. i worked for 4 hours on my approach paper and the sub said that i got it off like or something like that? im furious. I worked so hard on it. i must admit i shed a tear of fury. i think its because i had this one sentance that was similar to what was on the website. like it was really similar.. but i think part of the reason why is bc i knew i had heard that sentance somewhere and i liked it so i put it in my paper and it was a sentance off this website. i am so mad gr gr gr gr gr.

please come home. we miss u! allee does too.

- depressed -

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Hi Miss Alpine. Yeah having this sub sucks. She hates us all..oh well. I'm working on my essay and I will have it in tomorrow but I don't think the sub will count it so I don't know if I should turn it in. I hope you are having fun in Japan but don't stay any longer PLEASE!!!!! I have always wanted to shop in Tokyo I heard they have a cool sense of fashion. Is it hard to get around there not knowing a lot of Japanese? Well class is almost over and I don't want the sub to yell at me again..I don't think she likes at all. Have fun in Japan for your last week! Bring us something sweet back!! Bye Bye


12:08 PM  
Anonymous Emma said...

Hi Miss Alpine, I miss you sooooooo much. Mrs. Bralier is really weird and she does not do a good job of explaing the Great Gatsby. The sub is also terrorizing Tara and told her she wanted to strangle her,(ha ha ha).Well, can't wait til you get back and I hope you have a fun time in Japan, but I wish you would come home sooner.

bye, Emma

12:09 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Hey Miss Alpine, the site that I created at is now blocked by the school for some reason so I guess that using that will be kind of hard for a while at least until someone emails the IT department. :)

Sounds like it is pretty interesting there in Japan. How are the other teachers? Is it hard to understand what they say, or do they know English?


12:29 PM  
Anonymous Marisa said...

Miss Alpine, sounds like you are having soo much fun in Japan. The sub is alright, but like most people said, everyone wants you back! Enjoy the rest of your trip though, we miss you! Marisa

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Robbie Dalton said...

Hey Miss Alpine,
Like your honors class said the sub hates us. everything in 6th block is fine except the sub. she is going to throw someone out this week because they talk to much and are to loud(bet you can't guess who). We need you back. she grades unfair.
Robbie Dalton

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heard there was another (larger) earthquake! Hope everything's ok....Tina

PS - stumble across that crab/mustard thingie yet? Maybe I can con my neighbor into giving up the recipe.

1:08 PM  
Blogger lilLaura said...

hey this sub is not even fun at all! no one likes her! we all want you back. but i hope you are having a fun time. you have to take tons of pics!
Laura n

8:52 PM  

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