Monday, October 24, 2005

Picture of the Ryokan...

Our beds for the night. It may not look really comfortable because they are on mats, but they were so soft and fluffy!

I think I was getting a little too into karaoke! It was so hot that we rolled up our sleeves!

Leading some of us in the locomotion! Just be thankful that I don't have a microphone in my hand!

Singing with my ryokan roommates....

Taking a break from the socks with the big toe spot. I pulled them out of my big toe for a bit; I couldn't handle it!

This is the bowl where we cooked some of our dinner. Isn't that cool?

Here is part of my delicious dinner...hmmm...somehow I think a lot of it taste like fish!

My room buddies!

Renee and I out on the street!

Showing off our new outfits. It felt so strange to have that spot for your big toe!

Our room set up for tea...

Showing off my outfit in the gardens...that was the bridge I was afraid I was going to fall off of!

Showing off the socks and slippers!

Another toe shot...we do love those socks!

Our ryokan room...


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