Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Last Day...

I woke up today a little sad. I can’t believe this is my last full day in Tokyo. While I am definitely ready to go home, I am going to miss all these people and the amazing journey that I have gone on here. I met Dave, Amy, Ryan, Janet and Luke downstairs at the American/Japanese buffet. I can’t resist those pancakes! We are a quick breakfast and talked about the presentations that day. My group as going towards the end, so I would be able to watch pretty much everyone before we went.

I was excited to see our guide, Aiko, at the presentations! I hadn’t really gotten to say goodbye to her, so this was my chance. The presentations were great (some got a little long because groups were showing ALL their pictures, and I do mean all!), but it was good to see everyone’s adventures. We had lunch in the fancy reception hall again and then I ran with Amy, Dawn, Heather and Anthonette to the Starbucks down the street so we would have some energy for the afternoon. Yes, I know, more Starbucks! I just can’t be away from it! We grabbed our drinks (after getting mildly lost…you’d think my Starbucks radar would have helped us!), and made it back just in time for the last of the presentations.

We were having out last reception that night, The Farewell Banquet. We all dressed up nicely and met before we left and took pictures. How dorky! I felt like we were going to prom our something! It was another dinner where you stand at the little tables and eat. Everything looked and smelled so good! We took a million more pictures, listened to the Fulbright speakers congratulate us and feasted on great great food! Amy and I kept going back to get the seafood. They were sautéing scallops, mussels and clams in a wine sauce. We probably ate six or seven plates between the two of us. Everyone was in a great mood but a little sad to be leaving. I couldn’t believe the time was almost over. Fulbright brought in Judo masters and we watched them perform. After dinner, my group of friends and I decided to go to the restaurant/bar on the top floor (fortieth) of the building. The view was amazing! It was circular and you could see all around Tokyo. We stayed there for awhile talking about our trip and what we would miss. We ended up staying up almost all night just talking and trying to prolong the next day.

I honestly didn’t think that I would make the friendships that I did on this trip. Not only did I learn a lot about a new country, but I also made some great friends from my own country!


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