Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fear Factor Food

Today we listened to more speakers (I feel like I’m a student!). We had some important people come and talk to us, including a lot of representatives from their government. I enjoy the speakers a lot, but I really get a feel for Japan when I am out and exploring the city. The people here are so polite and nice. I learned that in Japanese culture you are expected to help someone if they ask you. It is unacceptable to say “no” or admit that you don’t know the answer. This means that you need to take extreme measures at times such as walking around with the person until you find the answer or taking them to the location.

After our meetings, we boarded the buses of some site seeing! We went all around the city and saw places such as the Imperial Palace and the Diet (which is what they call their government buildings). After the city tour we went to a giant shrine. It was all covered in gold and read with lanterns and incense burning. There was a wall where you could pick a fortune for 100 yen (one dollar), so I was all for it. Guess what…I got a bad one! I was so mad! It was about the worse one you could get! You shake a box that has sticks in it and pull a stick out. You then find the spot on the wall that has the same number and your fortune is there. I tied my fortune to the wall to leave the bad luck there! Dang it all!

After the shrine we walked around a huge market place and I bought a lot of touristy stuff including a TON of candy for my students. I made sure to get the good stuff such as seed weed hard candy and something black the has a bark like substance sticking out of it. Aren’t you all excited for me to return so you can try it!!?? Dinner was the highlight of the evening. We went to a tempura restaurant which is deep friend fish, meat and vegetables. We arrived at the restaurant and had to take our shoes off. They put them in a bag and if you have to go to the bathroom they have special bathroom slippers. However, it’s a big “no, no” to wear the bathroom slippers out. It’s kind of like walking out of the bathroom with toilet paper on your shoes! I made sure not to do that!

We sat down on pillows and ate on low tables. I got to use my chopstick skills and eat my meal. The tempura was really good, but there were some scary scary things on the table. There was a blob of yellow jello with beef in it (augh!) and a deep fried fish head (needless to say, I gulped that delightful treat down fast! Ha!). We had seaweed to wrap our rice in which was really good and some strange new fruits. I made a huge mistake, though, at the end of dinner. I put my boots on on the wood floor and got a lot of dirty looks! I’m trying here, I swear!

All in all, it was a very busy day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I have an assignment for YOU! The other evening, my roommate and I went down to our neighbor's sushi restaurant and had one of the best things ever!!! I MUST get the recipe, although I don't think he wants to give it to, this is where you come in. I'm hoping it's a popular item in Japan that you may be able to fine easily. It's surved in a shell - I don't know the real name of the particular shell, but that part really doesn't matter...that's just for the presentation. It's kind of like those shells you see all over Florida holding tea light candles. Anyway, it contained a good amount of white rice, chopped-up crab meat (yes, I even ate the crab) and was topped with some kind of special sauce topping. The sauce was yellow and had a definite mustard taste to it...someone thought there might be some egg in it as well for the consistency. It was sprinkled with red pepper and then broiled. It was sooooooooo good - like one of those things you crave every single day once you've tried it. I just need to figure out what's in that topping. Hopefully, it's something you see in every restaurant over there and can easily find a recipe for me! Hope you're having a great time...your favorite cousin, Tina

5:45 PM  
Blogger Miss Alpine said...


I have not had that yet, but they do fry fish with all the scales and the head on. Do you want that? I think we are going to walk into town for sushi tonight so I will see what I can do. My new favorite food is edemonme. So so good!

From YOUR favorite cousin...

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, edemonme IS the best. I prefer to just call it soy beans - much easier to spell. -T

9:44 AM  

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