Sunday, October 23, 2005

Beware of the Hot Baths...

Well, we spent a long night planning our presentation. It took awhile to get everyone to agree, but I think our piece will be good. Since there are twenty groups that went to different sections of Japan, we will all share a bit of our experience with the rest of the groups.

I arrived at the meeting after grabbing some dinner (edemamae and rice). I didn’t have time to finish my edmamae so I put it in a napkin and brought it with me! I am seriously addicted to that stuff! It was decided that we would do our piece as a newscast and our different experiences would be segments. Heather and I both were really interested in the mediation that we did and the Buddhist monastery. We decided we would act out our experience and explain the concept of the Buddhist religion. I have to admit that I really am fascinated with the religion. I love their philosophy of living and way of life. I don’t know how much my mom would like to hear that, after all, I did go to Catholic school for twelve years! I just feel like their ideas are a very good way of living. I’d like to read about it further.

On a side note…I have a funny story to tell.

I raced down to the washing machine after I got dropped off at the hotel. I figured everyone was going to want to do their laundry and since it took forever to dry, I was ready to claim it first! Ha! So I ran down and saw Don coming out of the women’s bath. I’m not sure if I explained the baths, but it is something that is found all over Japan (think of it as a swimming pool with a hotel in the U.S.). There are hot baths all over that the Japanese soak in. You are supposed to rinse off first and then go in them. I believe that everyone in my group has gone in except for me. I guess I’m a little more shy then everyone else!

Anyway, at our hotel there was one for men and one for women. You enter the baths (which have a door on them that are fogged) and the washing machines are in the same room where you change. I was made that Don had taken the women’s and chewed him out for it. He didn’t know that there was one for men, so he went to see if it was open. It was, and the two of us snuck in because he said the bath was empty. I threw my clothes in and we left. I grabbed some soap from my suitcase and ran back in. Well…little did I know, that the bath was not empty! The door started to slide open and I booked it! I have never run that fast in my life! I flew out of the room and hid behind the corner waiting for the coast to clear and cursing Don for telling me it was safe!

To make a long story short, it ended up being someone from our group (phew!) and I didn’t see anything (double phew!). He put the detergent in and all was well with the world. Now that is one big mistake I made in Japan! :)


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