Saturday, October 15, 2005


I just want to apologize for any mistakes in my next few blog postings. I am now writing on a Japanese keyboard and it is very confusing! Please do not take off points for my proof reading! :)


Blogger Tara said...

Miss Alpine Im sorry you have to come home NOW
umm yes the sub.. w/e her name is hates me. she has already stated she wants to kill me. So i called her old. i personally think i am one of her favorite students =). Me and katie did our active reading today and we forgot our item.. whoops but the sub said she would go easy one us because we were the first to go. which was cool. uh this lady talks alot. i like zoned out and 10 minutes later i snapped out of it and she was stilll talking. it was sad.
Allee is being amazingly good in class. it amazes me. O i thought u would like this.. someone called derek's phone and his ringer went off. the sub immediatly yelled at me to put my phone away. haha so derek called kathleen and her ringer went off and then she called allee and it was just one big chain of events. I laughed so hard i was crying.
yeah the real reason this is such a lengthy comment is bc i miss you and i want you to come home bc the sub hates me. i'll give you a dollar if u come back. ..please?

-- sadest ever --

8:47 PM  
Blogger Miss Alpine said...


I miss you, also. In fact, I cry myself to sleep every night thinking of good old Honors English Ten! Ha! Be good! Turn off your cell phones and stay awake! I bought some strange strange food for all of you to try. We will have Japanese Fear Factor when I return for bonus points (meaning you have to try the silver dried fish that come in a bag like candy...yuck!). Do not worry too much, I will be back soon and you all will wish I was away again when I stack on the homework! Kidding...

From, Your favorite teacher two years running.... :)

3:40 AM  
Anonymous AAron said...

Hello Miss. A to the L to the P to the I to the N to the E. Having fun, hope so. Im just writing because it's 10:00pm and im board. Also i was just wondering if you happened to come across any thymbols for my mother. Hope you bring home some good eat's to share with the most loving and thought full class you have ever hade in your LIFE. See you soon.


9:49 PM  

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