Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sparkly Slippers...

In Japan when you go inside a building, it is proper etiquette to remove your shoes and place a pair of slippers on. The principle of this is not to contaminate clean interiors with dirt from the outside. You have to be careful not to rest a foot on the indoor floor without the slipper on! A lot of the restaurants, stores and buildings expect you to take your shoes off. They have little cubby holes that are set up outside the door. Some of the bathrooms even expect you to take your shoes off! They have special slippers that you slip on. Hmm…interesting!

I was advised to bring a pair of slippers with me. Those in Japan have little shoe sizes and it is hard to find larger pairs of slippers. Those going on the trip have been talking about slippers and where to get them. Many people are getting basic pairs from Dillards or Kaufman’s. I thought I would jazz things up and found the perfect pair! I got a sparkly beaded pair that I love. After all, why can’t your slippers be functional and cute!!?? I will not be able to wear them anywhere but indoors, as to not get them dirty. They will fit perfectly into the bag that Alicia Johnson (one of my old students and a great artist!) is making me for the trip. As soon as she makes the bag, I will post it up here.


Blogger shamrox said...

Hi Miss Alpine,

I appreciate your explanation of the indoor shoes/outdoor shoes ritual. This etiquette is one that I have adopted recently as my in-laws are from Korea. I am always so impressed at how *white* they are able to keep their carpets b/c they do not drag dirt in on their shoes from outside. I think it is a great practice indeed!

Love, your friend,
Kendra Stanton Lee

8:47 PM  
Blogger Miss Alpine said...

Hi Kendra,
Thanks for bringing the Boston area to my blog! Do you have your own pair of indoor shoes that you bring to their house? I am told that all the inside buildings are very clean in Japan. It was great hearing from you! :)
Rachele (aka...Miss Alpine)

10:45 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Miss Alpine,

I think your slippers are pretty neat. I have a pair of fuzzy Ohio St. slippers, but I dont know if they would be acceptable in fancy places. Maybe if I glued some shiney things on them they would look as cool as yours! Good luck in Japan.

Love, Christopher Stegman

11:35 AM  

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