Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Friends.....

I am the most excited about all the new teachers I will meet on my Fulbright trip. There are two hundred teachers from the United States going (four from each state), and we will be working together during our time there. When we go to our prefecture cities (a prefecture is kind of like a state in the United States), we will break into groups of twenty. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with all these teachers and set up connections from all over the world! I’m going to have a great support system for my classroom!

I have been in touch with a lot of the teachers going on the trip. I found out the three other Ohio teachers are near me in the Akron/Canton area. I think we’ll all be going on the same flight together. Nice!

I have also been talking to Nick Knoll on a daily basis. He’s turning twenty-six during the trip (yay, someone my age!), and I’m glad to have found someone my age on the trip. We have been planning things to do while in Tokyo. These things include a baseball game for sure, the fish market and walks to Kinko’s to e-mail. Ha! Other possible places are Tokyo Disney and some karaoke (oh my!). We are also planning to cheer on our two favorite teams while on the trip….the Tribe and Red Sox as they battle it out for the World Series! Of course, I’ll be rooting on the Tribe! He also has a blog if anyone wants to check it out:

I’m looking forward to the trip more and more! Now if I would just receive my plane tickets….


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Rachele, I didn't make the connection at first when you said you were looking for people to read Memoirs of a Geisha. Then I remembered that you had the blog site. I just got back from two days at a tech convention in Myrtle Beach, SC and Alan November was the keynote speaker. He said in 5 years everyone would have a blog. I better get busy. Looking forward to meeting you on the 9th. Mary Alice (SC)

10:24 PM  
Blogger Miss Alpine said...

Hi Mary Alice,

Thanks for looking at my site! I have never done a blog before, but it looks like a great way to stay in touch with my students and school community. I'm looking forward to meeting you also! :)


10:11 PM  

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