Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bring on the books....

I have decided what book I will have you (my students, both CP and Honors) read while I am in Japan.

Drum roll please….

The verdict is….. The Great Gatsby!!!

Have no fear, while I am gone you will still be working hard and reading your little hearts out. Although this is my favorite book in the world and I’m sad not to be teaching it, I am confident that Mrs. Brahler will do a great job with it. I am also confident that this will quickly become your favorite book also (until we read the next one!).

And the excitement never ends…

I will be able to communicate with you while I am in Japan, so perhaps we will be able to talk about the book while you are all reading it. I will try to get onto virtual classroom at least one night to chat live and I hope to respond to your postings and questions. I may be far away in Japan, but it will feel like I am still in the classroom!

I know you are jumping with joy! Honestly, this is the best book in the world!

Be excited!


Blogger Ryan Maffit said...

Cool, I am looking forward to reading this book in class!

1:44 PM  

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