Monday, August 22, 2005

Random Thoughts Racing Through My Head...

I am all set to go to Japan, and I feel pretty confident about the whole experience but there are still questions that arise. I guess I worry too much! Most of them are pretty crazy, but I can't help with the "what ifs..." Never the are some of the random things that I think about....

How will I react with the jet lag and time change!? This is a very rigorous experience, so I don't think I'll get a lot of sleep. I hope there's caffeine. Actually, in the tour books it says that there are Starbucks on almost every corner. Nice...just like Boston! I think I'll be okay in Japan, but I will be crashing when I return. I come back right before daylight savings time so my body is going to be all out of sorts!

What if I go running or exploring (well, at least as far as Kinko's to e-mail, which is only a block away!) and I get lost? What if I can't read the signs and find my way back. I have been in countries before that have a different language, but I have never been to a country that has a different language and system of writing. I might be able to learn a few phrases before I leave, but I don't think I'll be able to read much!

Okay, I'm sure I'll think of a lot more things. I'll keep my questions coming...maybe someone will have the answers! :)


Blogger dan l. said...

hi miss alpine this is dan laplante. i think that u should not be worried about going to japan. you were given a special opportunity that i am sure that u r proud of urself for doing it. i think that u should jus relax on ur vacation and have a fun time and i hope that u will share ur experiences with us when u get back!!

7:42 PM  
Blogger Miss Alpine said...

Thanks for the good advice! I am sure I will have a lot of experiences to share with all of you when I get back! :)
Miss Alpine

9:20 PM  

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