Tuesday, August 30, 2005

American Food…not so American!

I was talking with some of my students the other day about what I expect Japan to be like. We came to the topic of food and what I would be eating over there. I told them rice, noodles, soup and sushi are their main foods. I also told them how much I’m looking forward to eating sushi since I LOVE it! Sadly, it seems that some students don’t share in my love of raw fish and seaweed. Ha! I’m expecting to eat it at least once (often twice) a day based on what I have heard from past teachers. I can’t say that I’m complaining! Sushi Rock is my favorite restaurant! Perhaps I need to go there again to practice my chopstick skills…which still aren’t the best! Ugh!).

Anyway, I also told them that there are a lot of restaurants that are American there. The tour books say that there are McDonald’s. KFC and Starbucks (yes!) all over the city of Tokyo. However, the contents are probably not going to be so American! I remember when I was living in Costa Rica, and the McDonald’s had black beans and rice on value menu. You could also get plantains (fried bananas) and tortillas as a meal option. These were located right along side the Big Macs and Quarter Pounders! I also witnessed the same experience when I was in Boston, where the restaurants would adapt their food according to the culture. The McDonald’s there sold lobster hotdogs!

It seems that American food might not always be what we think it is. The differences/additions to the McDonald’s menu makes me wonder what I am going to find on the menu in Tokyo? Anyone want to attempt a guess???


Anonymous Beth Moffat said...

We miss you already! Hope you're eating lots of sushi and meeting lots of people! Have a great time!

12:08 PM  

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